Exhibitions are a mode of showcasing all the wholesale sapphires in loose form at once to potentially new customers who are startups or expanding into the sapphire jewellery business. Our company Wholesale Sapphires TM have been showcasing various major gem and jewellery shows around the world including the below:

  1. Tucson Gem Show in GJX showing our multi sapphires, blue sapphires, green sapphires, white sapphires, teal sapphires, pink sapphires and any unique colors of sapphires.
  2. Tokyo International Jewellery Show – 2019 January was the last show we did in this fine show dedicated to the local Japanese customer base. Mostly displaying fine single loose blue sapphires from ceylon along with some of the cleanest pink sapphires from Madagascar.
  3. Bangkok Gem Show 2015-2018 – our home city has always been on our most important local show for a factory that cuts specially the loose precious sone famous for this country. After ruby ; sapphires sell the #2 most popular export gemstone from Thailand.