Multi Sapphire


Few gemstones have held the attention of generations like sapphires. With over 25 years of experience in the field of precious and semi precious gemstones and being based out of Bangkok, our liaison amoureuse with this incredible beauty was inevitable. Today we are one of the premier wholesale suppliers and manufacturers of well dimensioned, cut and polished sapphires that are revered by patrons all over the world.


Being based out of Bangkok, gives us access to the incredible mines of Chantaburi in Thailand and other neighbouring countries like Burma, Madagascar, Srilanka, Kashmir and more. Since these countries have a long and intimate history with precious gemstones like sapphires, our understanding of this beautiful stone is an amalgamation of traditional knowledge and modern techniques. Our high quality wholesale sapphires are handled by a team of highly experienced professionals comprising expert cutters,  quality control professionals, gemstone testing professionals and a research and development unit, dedicated to produce a consistent quality of high value sapphire.

While sapphires are mined all over the world, we deal exclusively in a few mines that not just produce high quality roughs but are also known to be torch bearers of ethical sourcing in terms of wages, working and living conditions and prohibition of child labour. These are in Chantaburi, Bangkok, India, Ceylon, Madagascar, Mbela (Nigeria), Kenya and Brazil. Each of these mines specialize in a particular color and variety of sapphire, making them extremely precious.


An absolute essential in our practice is acknowledging that fact that gemstones are things of beauty that signify important moments in a person’s life. Since, they are a material manifestation of an important expression such as love, happiness, protection, healing and more, sourcing them from war torn areas where workers live in subhuman conditions is counter-intuitive to the whole process. We have a strict policy of working with only certified mines or small artisanal mines that benefit the local community. Ethical sourcing is a way to ensure that exploitation of mine workers is eradicated and they are enabled to live a life of dignity, working at a craft that they are proud of.


A prominent feature of our company is the strict compliance to quality protocols that help us in consistently producing, good quality loose sapphires. Quality control begins with the procurement of rough, continues to the manufacturing of preforms, finishing and final delivery. With our own gemstone factory and cutting hub in India and Thailand, we have established a streamlined process, overlooked by professionals who have been trained exclusively with sapphires.


We at wholesale sapphires pride ourselves on being one of the most exclusive sapphire centres in the world. We house loose sapphires in a rainbow range of colors and quality, from natural sapphires to treated sapphires; from blue sapphires to fancy sapphires; from traditional cuts to rose cuts; you name it and we have it. Just in case we don’t, we have the bandwidth to procure the sapphire gemstone of your choice, in your desired size, shape, color and carat. 

While blue sapphires are evergreen, the past year we have witnessed a surge in the interest vested in pink sapphires and australian teal blue green sapphires. Apart from these, white sapphires and fancy sapphires are also popular. When it comes to the shape and cut, loose sapphires are usually purchased as rounds. However, we do cater to custom orders of ovals and pear shape sapphires in traditional faceted cuts and rose cuts too.

Depending on these considerations, the price of sapphires is determined. We assure you that our prices are the direct wholesale factory and cutting prices, as there is no involvement of middlemen and dealers. This ensures that you are getting your product from certified suppliers at a reasonable price, without the fear of adulteration.

Along with providing quality products,  we believe that keeping an open channel of communication with our patrons has helped us forge long term, mutually beneficial relationships. We are always available for contact through email at (insert email), or you could call us at (insert phone number). With customer satisfaction being the ultimate goal, our proactive sales team walks with you from the inception of the purchase to the delivery of your consignment of loose sapphires. We deliver wholesale sapphires all over the world via express and safe delivery options. Once you are satisfied with the product, we will continue to provide you with regular updates on our new product ranges. Our prominent sales, marketing and digital media team ensure that you have a seamless experience overall, without having to deal with the hassles of authenticity or overseas transfers.

You may find us at:

Wholesale Sapphires Company Limited

Jewelry Trade Center, 910/357, 28th Floor, Room 357, Silom Road, Bangkok, Thailand – 10500

M-F: 10 am – 6pm, SAT-SUN: only on request